The Emotion of Fragrance

The vessels our candles are designed in

are certainly important for display and aesthetics.


What makes a candle purchase emotional, is the fragrance.

A specific fragrance can invoke memories, past and present. 

We carry the classics, and indulge in the "Unusual".

All of our scented candles are paraben & phthalate-free

and truly

Wilderness Inspired

 Scent Descriptions

New Scents

 Five Pines Candle Line

yes, we know there are a lot!


Campfire Coffee- Full bodied, straight, black coffee ( with a slight HINT of sugar)

Cedar Cabin-

If you dream about cabin life, this is for you. You will feel like you stepped into the deep north woods invoked in a top layer of majestic red cedar, smoky wood spices and a base notes of strong white cedar. Nostalgic, and notable

Chipotle & Butter Caramel-

Caramel blended with surprising kicks of chipotle, cinnamon, and clove!  Notes of: Apricot Kernel, Clove, Cinnamon, Chipotle, Caramel, Burnt Sugar, Maple.


Coconut & Leather-

A leather bouquet, hand blended with organic smell of fresh coconut. A mix of masculine interlaced with a tropic romantic interlude.

Coffee Snob

Calling all coffee lovers!This one is for the true connoseuer who enjoys the intoxicating smell of a coffee shop and that perfectly crafted  Latte! It is a Vanilla Latte meets a Caramel Latte, but not too sweet. In  fact, I dont think this classfies as a sweet candle. It's essense is Vanilla and Caramel laced into a rich dark roasted coffee. Creamy Vanilla, Almond, Caramel, Dark Roasted Coffee.

Damp Forest-

 This is an in house blend of precious wilderness scents, you will surely find as a close hike and walk through a forest bed after a passing rain. Damp bark, dirt, leaves and boreal smells!  Notes of:Mandarin Leaf, Fig, Moss, Musk, Amber, Woody, Patchouli, Smoke. 

Ely signature Candle-

Honey & Almond-

Sweet honey tonalities, fragrant almonds, refreshing lemon and tart lime nuances intermesh with delicate almond blossoms, clean lavender and warm, spicy herbal notes. Warm musk, creamy vanilla and spicy coumarin blend together to unite, enhance and complete this floral accord.

Hot Chocolate-

We had to make my favorite winter drink come to life in a candle.

Creamy chocolate fudge with notes of vanilla.

Affectionaly made , after my most favorite Hot Chocolate brand i've ever had....
Mike & Jen's Hot Chocolate, made in Duluth, Minnesota. 


A scent so pure, and clean. Bright green grass, with a slight sweetness to it. It's fresh and light with a little bit of breeze. Greens, Herbs, Sweet Grass, Sage, Dirt, Earth, Stems.


Ozonic, airy lemongrass combines with citrus oils and juicy fresh accords. A bright and fresh herbal delight. Lemongrass, ozone, lemon-lime.

Maple Latte-

Sweet vanilla cream and warm maple flow through a blend of slow steeped brewed coffee with a touch of cinnamon, nutmeg and cocoa. If you love the smell of small-town coffee shops, you will LOVE this scent! Top: Lemon Zest, Coffee Beans, Cinnamon Leaf Middle: Coconut Cream, Clove, Nutmeg Base: Vanilla Maple, Cocoa

Minnesota Pine-

 A blend of fir balsam, hemlock, pine needles. Intoxicating. A pure wilderness scent.

( previously Pine Bough)


 A rich and creamy blend of vanilla bean and mid notes of soft butter  all on a bed of sweet coconut and warm Tonka Bean. Richly harvested in the mountain ranges of Mexico.

Mulled Cider-

That cold weather favorite drink, cradled in a mug. A spicy bouquet of apples, orange, and red berries with cinnamon and clove. 

Nordic Ice-

Crisp winter air filled Resinous pine is at the heart of this scent.  It rests on an herbal, woody base of rosemary, cedar, lavender and eucalyptus, Crisp and Chilled. ( previously WINTER )

Northern Lemon-

An invigorating blend of lemon, orange, and bergamot with a floral heart of verbena flower, rose, and lemongrass atop base notes of birch wood and musk.

Oatmeal & Lavender-

Oatmeal, milk & honey, hand blended with authentic Lavender. Delicate and light.

Old Library-

That moment you enter an old library, you are cradled with the scent of paper, leather chairs and the dusty smell of cedar. A treasured  moment while reading your favorite book curled up in a nook.

Outdoor Girl-
We describe this as the sassy, yet powerful scent as; rustic, outdoorsy, meets, a splash of class and dip of sugar. This sits on the fence of earthy, with an essence of sweet. Notes of firewood, fig, sea salt, amber,  and brown sugar

Palo Santo

Clear that negative energy from your space with a little Palo Santo!  Our Palo Santo is strong and authentic.  You won't find any powdery undertones in this one.  What you will find is a trip around the world with the fragrance profile!

 West Indian Amyris, Hungarian Pine, South American Palo Santo, Indonesian Vetiver,Asian Incense, Amber, Tahitian Vanilla

Pine & Grapefruit-

Ever hear of a Grapefruit Pine? A surprising mix of citrus and evergreen tones, this one will surprise you.

Rosemary Mint- 

A refreshing and herbal blend of Rosemary, garden greens and Mint.

Smoke & Clementine-

Citrus of those little cutie oranges mingled with a smokey sweet hickory. Mysterious and intoxicating.

Sriracha & Sweet Orange-

 Us locals have a little humor- We call it being Minnesota nice.. This unique scent marries the citrusy sweetness of ripe oranges with the distinct kick of spice, for a result that’s anything but ordinary. Orange, Coconut, Sriracha!

Tailgatin'- Top Notes: bacon, smoke, spice. Middle Notes: tangy sweet, smoky bbq  Bottom Notes: hickory smoke, cedar

the Stables- 

Notes of soft Earth, fresh alfalfa, and clean horses create an ambiance of horseback riding in the mountains after the rain on an autumn afternoon. The unforgettable smell of a horse.

This is as real as it gets!

Strawberry Macaron-

A tantalizing mixture of sweet strawberry and rhubarb blended with creamy vanilla icecream, smooth, creamy and decadent. Strawberries, sweet cream and vanilla ice cream.

Cranberry Jam-

Cranberries intertwined with fresh oranges, a hint of lemon, vanilla and sugar, tangy, tart with a splash of sweetness. ( previously cranberry relish)

The Ranch-

A simple, yet bold fragrance that simulates a ranch. The sweet smell of brome, Alfalfa, and Clover swirled with a lingering essence of Pine and musky Earth. One of the most intriguing and pure candle scents we carry.

Turkish Hazelnut Latte-

An addicting fine ground brew of gourmet espresso roast coffee enhanced with the flavor of Turkish hazelnuts and a touch of sweet cream

Vanilla Sandalwood

Drawn from a small tree native to India, Sandalwood oil has been used medicinally for centuries for its anti-inflammatory and healing properties. Complex and sophisticated, our Sandalwood fragrance oil has an earthy top note mixed with a base of dark musk and woody undertones. It is hand blended with a creamy vanilla: notes of soft butter, sweet vanilla and tonka bean. Not your average fragrance!


If you have lived or visited in a national forest, you've experienced the lingering smell of little fires everywhere...  like a campfire~ woodsmoke, cedar, birch and a hint of pine. Smoky and notable... like a campfire. (previously Cozy Campfire)


Think lumberjack, chopping wood, or tinkering out in the barn. Essence of cedar, a splash of patchouli, and woodsmoke from standing over the fire to warm his hands.  A bold alluring smell for women and a manly scent for you gents.

Man 'Dles

( man candle )

Beer- Slightly- Hops, Malt and Barley. Slightly fruity and floral top notes highlight this alcoholic blend drying to a light barley background. 

Fruit LoopsCompletely fruity, just like the cereal. Bursts of lemon, orange, lime, cherry. Cradled in vanilla and milk. Very lightly scented.

Grandpa's Pipe-  A Delectable creamy vanilla and dark brown sugar 
mix together with smoky tobacco, a slight essence of sweet cherry and mahogany woods. You would think grandpa is right next 
to you!

Handyman- When he walks in a room, he is drenched  in leather, candied orange, cedar, brandy, patchouli, and oak moss. An authentic smell of a handyman.

Tighty Whitey- Think clean laundry, drying on the clothesline. Herbal, grassy, lavender, cedar leaf and musk. Fresh and airy!

The Gentleman- The scent of mystery. Top Notes: Apple, Incense. Middle Notes: Cinnamon, CashmereBottom Notes: Cedar, Musk, Patchouli

Whiskey- the essential aroma of whiskey is unmistakable. Also known as the

"water of life," our Whiskey fragrance  is an intoxicating blend of potent alcohol notes, smoked oak and Tonka.