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Flameless Fragrance

Our Flameless Wax Melts are perfect for adding a subtle,

yet aromatic scent to your home or office.

Our Select Wilderness and Limited Edition Wax Melts are made from a blend of natural wax and fragrant oils for a long-lasting,

flameless fragrance. They are easy to use and

are a great way to add a touch of ambience without

the mess or flames of a traditional candle.

Come explore our scents and find the perfect one for your space

Room + Linen + Body

Multi purpose spray for every Nook & Cranny 
Wild Crafted. Hand Blended. Pure.

Our featured sprays are

Organic - Vegan Friendly - Gluten Free

Zero Phthalates - Carcinogens - Mutagens - Reproductive Toxins - Acute Toxins - Prop 65

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