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Who We Are

Candle in Glass Jar

Five Pines Candle Co. is a trendsetting

Minnesota Made company,

offering our first-rate products and exceptional customer service to shoppers from the

comfort of their own homes and in select locations. 

We’re a business made up of creative, forward-thinkers, with the drive and wherewithal to

constantly update and improve the online and

in person shopping experience and products.

Our candles are carefully mixed and poured

 in small batches,

 Luxury Coconut Beeswax,  

 to maximize a longest, slow burn for your candle.

Our Artisanal scents are paraben, phthalate-free,

using natural and essential oils

for a safe and luxurious experience. 

We offer integrity and passion

with each candle, carefully choosing

quality, safe, and environmentally

friendly ingredients and vessels,

leaving you with reusable containers.

You may ask why our candles might be a little more

than you're used to...

Luxury! We meticulously source

the highest quality fragrances, wax and wicks.

Along with hours of testing

& Hand blending our fragrances,

we offer the most luxurious candles

with the longest clean burn time on the market. 

We are a small business,

in a small town, doing BIG things. 

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