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Beginning at the base of Blackberry Mountain, you'll climb steadily through ever-changing vistas of historic rock formations, precipitous cliffs and narrow ravines. As you ascend, the air cools and your breathing gets harder. Around every bend the trail widens just enough for two people to walk side by side.


The Mountain known for giving it's weary hikers, fruit of it's spirit!  Narrow marked paths begin to drape with bending branches of wild blackberries. The epic reward to a narrow climb!


We've captured the sweet burst of Blackberries with the fresh clean mountain air in our new Forest Green apothecary jar and cork lid.


Moutain Notes of: Black Currant, Amber, Blackberry, Saffron,  Vanilla Musk, Mountain Air

Blackberry Mountain

Excluding Sales Tax |
  • Small batch poured

    • Frosted Forest Green Jar, Cork Lid
    • 6oz Jar
    • 45+ hr burn time
    • Crackling Wood Wick
    • Long burning Coconut Apricot Wax
    • No Soot
    • Zero Toxins
    • Zero Pthalates 
    • House blended fragrance
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