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Transport yourself to your favorite coffee shop with our indulgent Mocha Frappe Lux Candle.


This rich and creamy fragrance combines the decadent scents of dark chocolate, roasted coffee bean, raw cocoa bean, vanilla, caramelized sugar, and cold cream to create the ultimate sensory experience.


As the candle burns, you'll feel as if you're sipping on a delicious mocha frappe, filling your space with warmth and comfort.


Whether you're a coffee lover or simply enjoy the aroma of sweet treats, this luxurious candle is the perfect way to treat yourself to a little indulgence every day.

Embrace the cozy ambiance of a coffee shop right in your own home with our Mocha Frappe Lux Candle.


Real Deal Mocha notes of:

 Dark Chocolate, Roasted Coffee Bean, Raw Cocoa Bean, Vanilla, Caramelized Sugar, Cold Cream

Mocha Frappe

Excluding Sales Tax |
  • Small batch poured

    • Frosted Amber jar, cork lid
    • Clean Ingredients
    • Long burning Coconut Beeswax
    • Crackling wood wick
    • 6 oz 
    • 100% phthalate free
    • Prop 65 compliant
    • House blended fragrance
    • 45+ burn time
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