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Many Coniferous trees dwell in the northern part of the United States. 

Here in Minnesota, the White Spruce and Black Spruce are the predominant varieties. 
Some have a blue hue, others have deep green branches and needles.

The fragrance is bright, ever so slightly sweet, but pine-like.  It would be a close similarity to what we think of, when we think of a christmas tree.


Northern Notes of:

Eucalyptus, Mint, Moss, Blue Spruce, Evergreen, Cedar, Amber

Northern Spruce

Excluding Sales Tax |
  • Small batch poured

    • Frosted Forest Green Jar, Cork Lid
    • 6oz Jar
    • 45+ hr burn time
    • Crackling Wood Wick
    • Long burning Coconut Apricot Wax
    • No Soot
    • Zero Toxins
    • Zero Pthalates 
    • House blended fragrance
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