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Wilderness in a Jar
forest inspired home fragrance


In the heart of the untamed wilderness, nestled within the

serene beauty of the Boundary Waters,

lies the quaint town of Ely.

At our candle company, we find inspiration in the majestic pines, the vast boreal forest, the abundant wildlife, the tranquil campsites,

and the shimmering lakes that surround us.

Our candles are infused with the essence of epic sunsets and the distinct colors and fragrances of each of the four

stunning seasons, creating an enchanting

and unforgettable experience.

Here at Five Pines Candle Co,

we have carefully captured some of these captivating fragrances

and expertly blended them by hand,

so you can savor the essence of the wilderness

wherever your adventures take you.


Finely Crafted, in Small Batch's with House Blended Fragrance


Made With

All of our Candles are blended with

Coconut & Beeswax

Slow and Long burning.

Made without toxins, phthalates, or harmful ingredients.


Small Batch

We make our Candles, Wax Melts, and Sprays in small batches and pour them by hand to ensure consistent quality in every product.

house blended fragrances

House Blended

We create our fragrances in-house, taking inspiration from the wilderness that surrounds us in Minnesota's Boundary Waters.

Each of our products is one-of-a-kind and authentic.

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