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Heading 3


In the most pristine Wilderness, known as

the Boundary Waters,

nestles a small town known as, Ely.


A candle  company that draws it's inspiration

from the surrounding Pines, Dense Forest,

Wildlife, Camps, Lakes and Loons.

Epic Sunsets and Four stunning seasons

of notable Colors & fragrances

that are completely enchanting and memorable.

We, at Five Pines Candle Co,

have captured a few of those fragrances

and hand blended them for you to enjoy


the Wilderness takes you.


Forest Pine Tree Candle

Our favorite fragrance this month



Limoncello is an Italian lemon liqueur, mainly produced in South Italy, around Sorrentine, off the coast of Amalfi.

The tradition of drinking lemon liqueur after every meal originates from southern Italy. The taste and aroma of freshly picked lemons is refreshing and contributes to the good mood of the table. 
We bring this to your dinner table in it's utmost minimal decorative jar. 

The happy, aromatic candle is lemon, cream and  a conversation piece and a seasonal favorite!

Lemon Grate, Raw Sugar, Silky Cream, Bergamot, Vanilla Bean, Honey

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