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007 The Scent of an Agent

What goes into selecting a fragrance for a candle? For me, it sometimes begins with a title, or a name. Then the fragrance comes. Other times I find a fragrance that moves me or brings a memory to the forefront.

When I chose 007, I actually already had a fragrance sample. The creator of the fragrance had a hard time giving it a name herself! When a select few of us got a sample of this, we had no idea what the notes were. What came to mind was James Bond. I feel like I was smelling something classy. Nostalgic and out of another era. I wasn't sure if it was 20's- 40's- 50's or even my obsession with classic English tradition.

I had an image of a polished man in a tuxedo, holding a cocktail. I also envisioned an old smokey bar in England, with huge picture windows. As you look out the bar window, you saw a chauffeur standing by a Rolls Royce waiting for the gentleman to conclude his evening. As the mysterious gentleman came out of the door, I saw a beautiful woman in a custom fitted gown, grasped at his arm, enamored of her gentleman friend. What these intoxicating fragrances invoked was also a twist of a Christmas Cabin ( maybe that was the cinnamon I smelled) or that linger of Patchouli as my man left the room. My nose also had a determined and fine scent of cedar, like an old smokey bar or the dampness of musk, like a train station powder room. Regardless, I just couldn't find a definition of this incredible, notable, mystical fragrance. I thought 007 fit it, and to be quite honest... I am a 007 fan. I'm captivated by the man of mystery, the one with gigantic confidence and a child like need for attention.

I hope it captivates you, like it has for me!

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