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Coffee Fragranced Candles or should I say obsession?

Maple Latte, have you ever tried that coffee concoction? These days we have endless choices when ordering coffee. Half calf-decaf-light-mocha-whip-extra shot- extra hot- breve-almond milk-oat milk- cinnamon- caramel- raspberry- iced.... When you think about it, it's incredible to walk into a coffee shop and sputter out your beverage. I keep it pretty simple. My go-to when trying a new coffee shop is just a vanilla latté. It is my gauge for how well they pour their beverage and how their beans taste. When I return to that shop, I then like to dress it up with a breve or a nut milk. Miel's are actually my alllllllll time favorite. Let me enlighten you, if you have never tried this tasty beverage: Cafe con Miel (Spanish Coffee With Honey) is made of espresso, honey, and whole milk then finished off with a heavy sprinkle of ground cinnamon! Cinnamon everything... yes please!

Okay, this is about a Maple latté, sorry! Maple syrup connoisseur, why yes I am. I love the organic process of getting this golden sweetness. I love how nature provides it. I love how you can do many things with Maple; cook, bake, coffee, skincare, body care, etc... it's a natural sugar that benefits your body. Much like honey. Lately, living up in North Country, or the boundary waters of Minnesota, I've become obsessed with all things Maple. Coffee has been my go-to replacement for the others. This is how this particular coffee was born.

I have made another candle full of passion and with heart. It's my life experiences that is starting to tie me to so many other humans. Our Coffee Collection is our introduction! Enjoy!

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