Got Wax on the Sides of your Jar? Totally normal!

With Coconut Apricot candles, there is a little temperament that comes along with burning this type of wax in any container. Although this is the cleanest burning wax you can find, it can be a bit moody. Same candle batch, same wick, same fragrance, same jar, same-same, everything: every. candle burns different. It's like it's own personality. Here is the help you need. Do NOT push the wax down, Do not dig around the wick. Do not pour out melted wax. That will actually hurt the longevity. Let's recap your first burn. Hopefully you let your very first burn happen with 3-4 hours of time, then blew out your candle. That sets the memory of the wax and burning temperament. Some first burns come with a high, medium or very low flame, That's okay. Just blow it out and let it cool. When it's cool, pinch the char from the wick off and relight. As a candle burns down the length of the jar, some of the wax can cling to the side. Just leave it there. Every inch of that candle has a memory and a personality. As it reaches the middle of the jar, it begins to increase it's heat ( don't worry, it's perfect safe and I've done lots of testing) Sometimes that wax on the sides wont do a thing until it get's towards the bottom of the jar. Keep lighting it and keep a burn time of 3-4 hours. Let it cool, pinch and light. Think of it as a baby that needs to be fed every 3-4 hours, then let it sleep. I have a little video that may encourage you to keep burning and keep diligent on the lighting rules. Always email me if you need advice or if you have questions. Flame's up! Happy Burning❤️

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