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More than a Candle Company

Updated: Aug 7, 2021

Our mission is to support local and small business; companies that give back to their communities, are thoughtful about environmental impact and gifts with memorable memory maker that fill your space with joy, faith, understanding, wisdom, love, and peace.

Just a tad about me and how this whole candle thing started. 2021 my husband and me had an impromptu discovery appointment with our real estate guru. We noticed how fast our neighborhood homes were popping up for sale and being sold within hours. I knew deep in my heart the year before, we would be moving. Unexplainable, really. I just knew.

It was a whirlwind; from looking at new areas of Minnesota to move to, and falling in love with a listed house that already had pending offers. The market was insane. On a whim, we nosed around Ely, MN. Known as the gateway

to the Boundary Waters Canoe Access ( BWCA )

It was like a portal opened; 1 bid on a house that wowed us... the offer was accepted. The next day we cleared the clutter and put our house on the market 5 days later, only to accept one of multiple offers the first 24 hours. We really didn't know what we were getting into. Ely is truly the last of the pristine wilderness in America. Untouched by commerce and laced with community. Small town living is not for everyone. First, it's the end of the road ( literally ). You can't run to Target, or CVS late at night. Businesses close at 5pm, grocery store at 7. If you need those modern businesses, you will have to drive about an hour one way. And the stickler...Amazon is not a 2 day service up here, try 7 days out!

By no means is this town of roughly 3400 souls a hick-town. It's just a slow, quiet pace of life. People wave when they drive by. They stop to say hi when you are sitting on your porch. They walk their pets, no matter what the weather. The sounds of children playing outside is non-stop. Families gathering in their back yards for nightly supper in the summer.

You don't really drive around to get any place. You walk. It's unbelievably refreshing. It's so good for our environment and our souls.

Traditions that are lost, are alive and thriving here.

I found Cozy Nest Candle company at the farmers market. As a woman, I love the pretty home decor and of course "smells". Candles, oils diffusing, or fragrant wax melting. Doreen had just that... What was different about her candles... the price, the notable scent choices and that personal small business feel. You could tell her products were made with passion and love. Her genuine engagement in conversation was endearing and enchanting.

I always ask how long someone has been in business. I love personal triumph.( dont you?) Doreen was no different. She was in banking for many years and started her little local company for a hobby and for gift giving. She has grown her business at markets and online. No advertising, just word of mouth and of course, the products speak for themselves. She also happened to mention she was moving to Texas and hoped she could find someone to buy the business from her and carry on her candle legacy. As a long time entrepreneur, I was intrigued. As a recently retired 30 year veteran of being a hairstylist, my creativity came alive! I have been an entrepreneur most of my life. I BELIEVE in small businesses. I BELIEVE in supporting LOCAL. I also yearned to be creative. Color and fragrance is a passion. I have found myself over the years telling stories of clients and of adventures. You know what the common thread was between all those stories? I seemed to always invoke descriptive color and describe a smell associated. Color was my forte in my hair business. I could smell red hair color from 20 yards away. No joke! 80% of my clients were color clients. They were all my canvas's, my paintings, my one of a kinds! (*note how proud I am of those*) I walked away from that brief encounter with Doreen with a dream planted. With that common thread of color and fragrance, I had never considered a candle business.

You see, I have been searching for my niche for the last 18 months. I knew it had to be creative. I knew it had to involve emotion. I knew it had to draw from nature and memories. My passions are people; seeing the good in all. Creating memories of happy moments, giving back to others and leading people back to engagement of kindness, joy, love. It is my intention to use Cozy Nest Candle Co. to accomplish just that!

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