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Maple Smoked Bourbon Candle

The actual cocktail has taken the restaurant world by storm and by it's theatrics! It so much fun to watch people order and be presented a cocktails so dramatic, it's typically filmed by it's bystanders. If you haven't had the opportunity to witness, please find a restaurant that showcases it's Bourbon concoctions. It's worth it! It typically arrives under a cloche ( a glass dome) , to encase the smoke from the drink. Watch here on YouTube:

This candle was inspired by such a cocktail. There is a restaurant in Stillwater, Minnesota that's my go-to. Before I moved to Ely, it is where I took all of my out of state visitors. The food is showcased in cast iron, the drinks are unusual and dramatic. There was something that captured me, where I just had to create this cocktail in a candle. It is not a heavy bourbon smell, It focus's rather on the smoky maple scent. It has more of a vanilla and rich Carmel undertone. Soothing and not too sweet. It burns a medium fragrance. Meaning, it doesn't linger or carry heavy in a room. It's undertones: Smoked hickory and maple wood, with hints of earthy grains. The notes Are very mild, yet fragrant enough to linger. If you aren't a cocktail connoisseur, that's okay! This candle is still for you. It's not made to replicate or encourage drinking, it's simply a fragrance that is off the beaten path and meant to please your aromatic pallet!

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