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May Day and Stock alert!

Happy May first! Up here in Ely, Minnesota, we still have snow on the ground and frozen lakes, closed campgrounds, which usually are already buzzing with tourist. We are not without encouragement. We have robins chirping and the seagulls are starting to return. The true signs of summer will be when the Loons are diving deep in the lakes and making their evening calls. If you have never experienced the Loon call, it's indescribable magic.

Doing our daily dog walk has not gone without noticing stems and flowers trying to break through the frozen ground for their annual show. I'm sure it will be quite a while before we see leaves on the trees. However, the spring fever is hitting us all hard. Like so many other things hitting us hard, like elevated gas prices, and all the hikes on food at the grocery store. I noticed about 3 weeks ago, cereal was $6-8 a box. CEREAL!! Good grief! I think the initial shock came ( for me ) when I sat down to order more candle supplies and the price increase was up so far, I had to cut back the amount I was ordering by half!

You see, I was making the switch from paraffin wax to a vegan coconut apricot blend. My intention for the switch is health and longevity. So many people are becoming conscience of products in their home ( including myself ) I wanted to support a vegan friendly and no chemical candle. Paraffin is wonderful and a natural and safe product to use. However, the fight of educating others was going to be long and vast. I also wanted a candle I my line up that produced longer burn times. Coconut Apricot gives that by increasing burn time by 25%. That's huge for someone who wants to invest in aromatherapy! With this minimal information, I wanted to share that the prices of any new candles, starting today, May1, 2022 will increase by $2. This is not greed, this accommodates the 40% increase in wax, fragrance, labels, Wix, jars, lids, etc... I choose to create candles that are high level and luxury. Candles that are safe to burn in your home, by means of safe wax, wicks and fragrance. I choose to make these in a way, that I would want them in my home. I have chosen to buy supplies from companies with luxury and top of the line supplies and ingredients. I want the BEST for me and for you. Five Pines Candle Co is not made for every single person. We make our candles for the RIGHT person. If that is YOU, we thank you for choosing to buy from us. We thank you for trusting us with safe, luxury and high quality ingredients. We all have many other choices in this world, and it is with audacious movement, we offer the Wilderness Inspired Candles with integrity and passion. I hope you find what we are offering, is a unique and memorable experience for your home and gift giving. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being with us. It's because of you, we strive for the best! Heather ps, we now offer e-gift cards!

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