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The Future of Cozy Nest Candles

Hi! If you are here checking on our website, candles, and stuff, I am glad you are here looking around. As you might know, I acquired this gem candle company by the most peculiar means. I met the previous owner, Doreen at the Tuesday night farmers market in late June of 2021.

I was looking for my "what's next" or what I affectionately referred to as my next niche. I had just retired from my 30-year career as a hairstylist. I knew I wanted my next section of life to be fun. I still enjoy working, I just didn't want it to consume me as the hair business did. I have an artsy, creative side that still needed nurturing and expression. After turning over rocks, looking behind nook-and-crannies, for the next phase, I had almost given up. Truth be told; when you relax and let life just unfold, it DOES find you!

I loved Doreen's candles from the moment I took off the lid to sniff Cozy Campfire. I had that unexplainable feeling in my gut, these were different and special. If you have bought her candles in the past, you just know how unique and worthy they are. You can't quite put your finger on why they are spectacular. You may even go as far as lighting every candle you own and stacking them all side by side to "see" what the difference is. ( just like I did) First, they burn for a really long time. They seem to burn very clean. What I mean by that is; there is little or no residue on the container. They seem to burn right down to the bottom. I didn't find myself sneezing or coughing as I have with other candles. The ONE scent seemed to gracefully float in my modest 1500 sq. ft home. It didn't overtake anything. It didn't linger on my clothes or blankets. My eyes didn't itch, burn or feel irritated. I have a slew of allergies, where these factors have come into play when burning a candle or melting fragranced wax. In the past, I never dove into the research of wax, wicks, and fragrance. Since taking over the candle company, I feel more educated and prepared to help others experience candles and melted wax. It is my true hope to bring joy to your life with candles and melted wax. Now, about the packaging.

Doreen designed it from her artists' point of view. I believe it has served her company well and represented her artistic persona and candles beautifully.

We had a great conversation about how she might do things differently if she would have had the chance. I agreed and was in alignment. I felt like my vision was in alignment with her. I have a different vision for Cozy Nest Candle Co. and I want to open up that vision and share it with you.

Ely is a very simple place. It's magical and mysterious. The pristine wilderness that surrounds this town and the boundary waters canoe access wilderness ( BWCAW) is truly indescribable to anyone who hasn't experienced it.

From my experience and getting first-hand accounts from reoccurring and new visitors; they are speechless. They know and feel the "something special" they can't put their finger on. I want my candles to be that same experience. From the packaging to the labels, to the fragrances. I want you to pick up my vessel and just know it's something different. When you light that candle or melt that wax, I want you to experience what I have with Doreen's candles. I want those classic or limited editions fragrances to evoke memories. If you could take home a piece of Ely in the form of a candle, knowing every time you light it, you think of this place, I will have succeeded. If you have never visited Ely and the BWCAW, I want you to be able to order it and know that it's someplace unique and someplace so pristine, your mind can't comprehend the history and the preservation of this small section of 1.1 million acres in the U.S.A. has to offer. Your candle will represent that! In conclusion, simplicity will be the future of Cozy Nest Candle Co. Think green, clean, fragrant, and simple.

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