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The in-between

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

I write today, in frustration. We are in-between everything it seems. In-between vessels and labels and fragrances. Allow me to rewind a bit. Hi, I'm Heather. Type-A, o.c.d., high expectations of getting it right, the first time, intensely organized, big board visionary, lets-do-it-now, feet first kind of gal. When I bought this company from it's previous creator, I knew she had something special. I knew it was "her baby" for 10 loving years. I knew I wanted to keep the essence and the formula's as is, but put a new look and label to it all. I have been working to remove or cover up her labels to introduce our label. I decided to use my current resources. The package came with previously made candles and a stack of materials to reproduce and to make labels. It would take a special printer or pre ordering the labels I want to put on the vessels. One of which, I am lacking patience in getting. In the meantime, the labels aren't what I am settling on. I want you to know, I have a line of excellence I want to give to you. However, I am only able to produce what is readily available to me. Bear with me here. The vessels are limited. One, there is a GLASS SHORTAGE. The new vessels are sold out and not being replenished any time soon. The wild goose chase to find vessels that are a stand out and important to the future of Cozy Nest Candle Co, are on-going. Samples are being ordered, then the lot is sold out. UGH! I don't want to copy cat another company with vessels. It would create the mundane replica, which would frustrate me more.

In essence, be patient with your orders, they may not look alike, they may not be consistent yet... but they are all made with passion, grit and integrity to give you the top quality candle you deserve! Most importantly.... they are made with the same EXCELLENT tri-blend paraffin wax, hand forged lovingly, and the safest, top of the line fragrances! I look forward to the near future! with Gratitude, Heather

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