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The Loon Call

Second in our Wilderness Inspired Candles


If you are not familiar with the upper midwest and Minnesota, our state bird is the Common Loon.

One may giggle at the name, however, once you hear this peculiar diving bird, your soul will never be the same. The call is a command to stop and soak up nature, right where you are.

The fragrance blend we put together in. house is a reflection of Petrichor and Hemlock. Both as uncommon as the Loon, yet a familiar fragrance once you set foot in the wilderness.

Petrichor is the scent the wet earth gives off after a refreshing rain. We blended this gorgeous and dynamic scent with an accent of Hemlock. A type of pine very specific to the region of Northern Minnesota and the Northeast of the USA.

This blend is as magic as the bird!

White Floral, Fresh Patchouli, Woody Hemlock Geosmin, Earthy.

TRULY a fragrance for that outdoorsy person!

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