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The Market

What's my influence for creating "The Market" collection in a Wilderness Inspired Candle company?

Honestly, I have an obsession with so many fragrance categories, I couldn't really narrow it down! I live in the wilderness and one of the most pristine area's of the world, protected, cherished and quiet. I am inspired and provoked to create those outdoorsy fragrances.

I have a nose of those unusual fragrances and classics, which has landed our company with an Apothecary themed Candle line. I am excited and ignited by the old school Apothecary, creating the unusual with traditional blends!

There is also an affection for farmer's markets, in addition to that, THE "European Market". You know, the market you walk into, where everything is White & Black. The products are elegantly lined up on bakers racks in the most spectacular and unusual flavors, in the most eye catching packaging. And.... with those markets; are you buying for the flavors or for the fantastic packaging? Duh, BOTH! One of my most favorite places to visit in the United States, is PIKE'S PLACE MARKET in Seattle, Washington. I have been there so many times, I lost track. The fresh fruit, veggies, unique gifts, to the flying fish and the crowds that gather around, cheering! The colors, the smells, the samples are inspiring. They inspire me to create. I see those fruits and veggies, not only delectable, but the COLORS. The colors, for me, also bring about fragrances, which ignite my creativity. The world’s best epicurean treats for cooking, eating and entertaining come from those markets. That's my inspiration for creating this line of candles. I wanted that vibe feel. Those unusual fragrances. The kind that put you in a trans to purchase, and you don't know why. Keep an eye out, there will be a lot of those coming out the last half of 2022~

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