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The Stables

I have no doubt you are wondering where in the world did I come up with this fragrance. It's a discovery of love. Nothing pleases my senses than taking a whiff of a fragrance that evokes memories, or just smells that I truly enjoy. I am finding most everyone I meet can give you one fragrance and have a memory attached to it. I find that rich life history. It makes being alive worthy. Sure pictures tell those stories, but fragrances evoke emotion!

This is what happened when I stumbled across The Stables. In my 20's I was given a barter opportunity. Hair for Horses. I was going to trade my hair services for the opportunity to go to a well know stables to learn about horses and exercising them. So I did and I fell in love with the ranch life. Needless to say, as much as I wanted that kind of life to transpire, it just didnt. My love for horses never died. My love for the Wild West and Cowboys definitely never died. Naturally when doing fragrance discovery, this blend blew me away. Surprised and shocked, I just had to! It really is a blend of fresh clean horses, a little dry earth and the smell of a Barn when you first enter it. Is it hay? perhaps oats? or is it poo? Well it not really defined. That's what makes it so special. It's not a poo smell, it's just a barn smell. Once you take a whiff, you will get it. If you are an outdoorsy person and appreciate all the earthy-type smells, this is for you!

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