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The Wolf Pack

Ely, Minnesota is the home of the International Wolf Center. We can't help but to be involved in all things WOLF! This is also the source of our inspiring candle. No, we don't really know what a Wolf smells like, but we know their wilderness habitat. Earth, woods, leaves, lakes, and a variety of trees and bushes.

"Researchers are discovering more about wolves every year. Direct observation of these complex and intelligent animals in places like the high arctic and Yellowstone, advances in genetics, and sophisticated tracking devices have unlocked many secrets. But much about the wolf remains a mystery, and the adage “Never say ‘Never,'” and never say “Always” when the subject is wolves is still true."- There is a lot of unknown and also in depth info about Wolves. We just had to include this mysterious fragrance into our permanent line up of Wilderness inspired fragrances.

Just like the earth smells different after a refreshing rain, so does this fragrance. It has an extra element of petrichor, freshness, and moss, Ivy leaf and cedar wood.

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