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Turkish Hazelnut Latte

Updated: May 17, 2022

What is Turkish Coffee?

Turkish coffee is a rich, thick, and delightful drink to be enjoyed slowly with good company. It is brewed in a copper coffee pot called a cezve (jez-VEY), made with powder-like ground coffee, and sweetened to the drinker's taste.
This style of coffee is not filtered. Instead, the coffee is ground so finely that it resembles flour and becomes part of the drink.
Enjoyed for centuries throughout the Middle East and Balkans, the method for making traditional Turkish coffee varies slightly by region and household.
We sweetened our version with hazelnuts, sweet vanilla and an essence of cardamom
Notable and unforgetable.

I first had this drink when I visited Northern Ireland back in 2010. I fell in love instantly.

Unfortunately, it's the coffee beverage that is hard to find here in the USA.

Have you had this version of coffee, with our without flavor? What's been your experience?

I am always in pursuit of the best cup of coffee. Not only the best tasting, but something so notable, it keeps me going back. 

What I am presently learning are how beans are roasted, and where they come from. Organic vs. not organic. Mass produced beans vs. small batch.

Like wine, it's unbelievably complex. 

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