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We're finding our Voice!

What a journey we have been on since we purchased the company, formally known as Cozy Nest Candle Company. Becoming Five Pines Candle Co was the pivot point we needed to turn this previous company into "ours". Ever so grateful to have Doreen's 10 year vision and customers who have followed her. I have learned a GREAT deal from her legacy. Moving forward with 2022 and the pivot in becoming us; I never thought it was going to be a a challenge. However, the kind of challenge that is good. The kind of discoveries that are full of grit, growth and having some grace for myself in learning about the candle industry. I am humbled by the whole process. First, I have been able to learn a great deal from Facebook groups for candle makers. I am not a huge fan of Facebook, in the meantime, I'm learning to embrace it in a different way. Not to connect to loved ones, but for complete and purposeful business. With the ever changing supply chain issues, the pivoting really hasn't stopped. I have had to rethink jars, labels, fragrances, wicks, and wax. It's a lot to juggle and it's a balancing act. Some days I spend endless hours trying to wick a wax with a certain fragrance. Or I spend those endless hours watching videos learning, and reading posts in the professional groups. Taking every ounce of education I can get.

I came into this profession completely blind. I had no idea how to do anything with candles. Again, I'm humbled and challenged. Then came: Endless wax combinations

Endless wick combinations

Endless fragrances

Vessels... vessels... vessels... They all play a part. You can't use one wax, one wick, one vessel and multiple fragrances, and get the same result. You mix, pour, wait, burn, burn, burn, burn, burn... did I mention how much time I spend burning test candles? The end result is either perfect, needs a different wick, needs a fragrance adjustment, needs the AMOUNT of fragrance used, adjustment... and then there is the vessel. Too small, too wide, too many ounces, not enough ounces, etc... blah, blah, blah!

In this candle journey, I have been searching for our theme. What is going to make us stand out and what is going to make us just a little bit different and get noticed. Not just noticed by you guys, our INCREDIBLE customers, but {really} get noticed... by say... Joanna & Chip Gaines? Perhaps, Chips favorite candle might be THE RANCH. Joanna's might be THE GARDEN ( which hasn't been released at the time of this blog post) which they feature in MAGNOLIA journal... ( hey! a girl has to dream) I have a couple more magazines I wouldn't mind being featured in. I would love to be On Good Morning America or The Today show. Not that I have enough substance in my company to get that kind of attraction... just a girl DREAMING BIG! In becoming US... A WILDERNESS INSPIRED CANDLE COMPANY... This is my funnel. The more I am testing, the more I envision being set apart from other candle makers, this is where we are headed.

We will still offer a "standard" fragrance, such as Pineapple Sage, or Mint & Eucalyptus, Blueberry, Strawberry... but that isnt who we are! Those standard fragrances will keep our toe in the competitive market.

We live in the most pristine place in the world, the Boundary Waters. Where wildlife roam our tiny town, where people come from all over the world to canoe and portage through a thousand little lakes. This is the place where the water is so pure, you can dip your cup in the water while you paddle and drink it. HOLY MOLY.. where else are you going to get that?

We want our candles to be an experience.

The additional balancing act is the website. I don't have the proper skill set to create and change content or design the sight where I want it to be. I am learning. It's pretty fun most days. A challenge, only because there are too many choices and my learning curve. We have a mission to simulate, either by fragrance, experience, or the stories you hear from visitors or locals, where we make our candles in small batches.

Wilderness inspiration--- surrounds us, your stories inspire! I am making a pivot with fragrances and vessels as we speak. I am thrilled and grateful for being able to have the vision to create. I am TRULY grateful for each of you who can't even smell our candles in person, yet you still place an order AND take a chance.

THANK YOU! Thank you for trusting me. Stay tuned, it's about to get really good! Heather

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1 Comment

Erin Hente
Erin Hente
Apr 12, 2022

Can’t wait to see what’s in store!

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