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Candles have personalities...I swear!

Okay, so, every now and then, there is a candle that's a problem child. Being the "wood wicked" candle company, it's no surprise. Wood Wicks that we use are source from the US. Forest service. You' ve probably noticed when you see a chopped tree and the rings in the tree that denotes the life of the tree, right? Well, each ring brings a year of seasons, from trunk of the tree to the tips. Organically, every inch of the tree has a life they have taken on. That means, time and weather have shaped the wood. Hey Heather, how does that matter? Welp, each one of our wicks represents a part of a tree life. So, no matter how much I test a candle a wick is going to determine how it burns. 9.5 out of 10 times, our candles burn perfectly. It's that .5% that makes me CRAZY! There is no way to determine or tell what candle, which wick can fail us. The first light is the most important, but not always the determine factor. I am sitting here today, with a candle I randomly pulled off the shelf and it has a low flame. I let it burn with a weak flame for 20 minutes, blew it out, let it cool a few minutes, pinched off the char and relit the candle. With better success it's burning. I'm letting it burn it's highly recommended 3-4 hours, then let it cool and will relight it.

I am hoping it's not a dud, but time will tell. At what point do you throw in the towel and contact me? I'd say after 3 attempts of a 3 hour burn you better email me and we can have a problem solving conversation

I have included a picture of a second light, for a reference. This is a low flame but still considered burning well. This is not problematic. Even if it doesn't burn this second time to the full circle of the jar, that's okay. The 3rd light should be the determine factor. Let it burn 3-4 hours, no more. Finicky little boogers, and no way to determine if/when it should happen. #candleproblems #lifeofacandle #woodwicks

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