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Growing Pains

Well, 2 blog posts in one day. Yep! Not that I have extra time. I just have to let you know here things are around here. Materials and Supplies. Flashing in bright red lights. AGAIN. HAVEN'T WE MOVED PAST THIS? Sigh.

I have long stretched out goals for our little company. One of the goals, is to have a uniform vessel. GREEN! As we were making the switch over this summer, our one and only supplier of our new thick forest green square vessels with cork tops, stopped us in our tracks with a backorder notice. I count have been more sick to my stomach. The fluid look I was going for, the conversations with those we sell our candles wholesale too, came to a steel wall. For me, I believe in transparency. Being able to provide top notch product, service and dependability, are character traits I find super important in building business. You will see a total flux of products with different vessels. Bare with us. So much is still out of our hands. No need to expand. you feel us? you know we aren't being flaky... it's THEM! IN THE MEANTIME... enjoy all the new releases and outstanding candles!


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