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Pivot Points

It sounds a lot like "toast points" right?! Hi! it's me Heather. I've not blogged in a looooooong time! What's new around here these days? All things Wilderness. Fall. and more Wilderness! I've just sat down with my morning coffee and pat myself on the back. I poured this seasons selection of Fall fragrances. 8 of them to be exact. I couldn't stop myself again this year. Fall has me swooning, every year. I don't even like the sweeter smells. This stuff just beckons me. This year, it's about texture. I wanted our fragrances to reflect my favorite fabrics. Either the way they feel, or the way the wear. I know they don't smell, but hey! we can pretend they all came with a scent, right? Velvet, Tweed, Flannel, Plaid, Corduroy, then the inspiration of space and seasonal fragrance came into play with this group; Gather, Toasted Pumpkin and Fall Y'all I feel so peaceful. My only hope is to get these candles photographed in a simple way, where the candle truly reflects the seasonal change. One of the elements I aimed for this year, was a timeless element. I wanted you to have these candle treasures to display in your home all year. Neutral, but luxe.

I hope you fall in love with these as much as I have. September 5th, 2023

Limited Batches

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