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The Record Store

If you happened to have grown up in the time of Record Stores...

Then, you know that smell! Not the smell of the store at the mall. The free standing stores in a strip center or on a famed corner avenue. It smelled of wax, incense, vinyl, smoke, and a hint of something sweet ( which I could never figure out what that was)

I have very fond memories of the record store. I love music and I especially love 80's music. I loved holding those record jackets ( the cardboard encasement of vinyl, for those of you who have not experienced records). I loved the story they told. Pictures, and fantasies. The lyrics inside, so you could belt out, word for word, that fabulous song. I loved the weird people that worked there. Yes, I know, but they were. You HAD to have that weirdness to be there. Now-a-days... I think they were my people, I was too shy and intimidated by them. They were bold and were either stoic and quiet or loud and boisterous. Think about all the people they saw, coming in and out of the store. They had to adapt and be like chameleons. They had to know every type of music and know where it was in the store. How spectacular! Anyhooo.... this candle is dear to my heart. Chocked full of memories of songs that make me feel alive when I hear them.

Candles evoke those same memories. Those same painted pictures and clues to our past. This one is just as unique as one might imagine!

Lit matches, bees wax, Amber, Musk, Sandalwood, Incense, Fir Needle, Patchouli and Vanilla, Agarwood, Mahogony.

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